Posted on June 7, 2012
need for a speaker for your next event? let me help.

Professional Speaking

Hamza is an insightful, energetic and dynamic speaker. His style balances evidence-based insights on digital marketing and social media with a light and humorous delivery that keeps audiences engaged and entertained.

Workshops & Training

Interested in workshops for your team? To discuss how Hamza can bring insights to your organization for customized, interactive learning, contact him now.

Popular Topics Include

  • The Future of Digital Marketing - Few industries innovate as quickly as digital marketing does. With every passing day the landscape changes and many brands are left determining how to navigate this evolving sector, and which opportunities will help propel their companies in the coming year. Gain invaluable industry insight and see into the future of digital marketing.
  • Personal Branding 2.0 - Personal branding isn’t just about finding out who you are and crafting your career around the true you – it’s also about constantly improving your brand. The difference between having a stunning personal brand, and having a standard personal reputation, is a clearly defined strategy to elevate your brand image. Learn how to level-up to a 2.0 position.
  • Creating Digital Strategy – Digital Darwinism is cruel to brands that aren’t where their customers are: online. That’s where brands have to be, with search, local, social media and mobile strategites. Gain a framework for strategic digital activities that can be traced, measured and tweaked to show and tell your brand story while delivering real time measurable results. Learn about the digital conversations and integration of your story across multiple online mediums.
  • Effective Public Speaking  - Speaking well isn’t just about sounding good or being entertaining – it’s about reaching your listeners. No matter how jaded an audience might be, people still respond to a genuine human connection. By addressing issues like effective preparation, confident delivery, and creating a memorable experience, gain the skills and awareness needed to unlock your inner orator.
  • Leveraging Social Media For The Job Search - Network and communicate your way to your next job through social media. Find out how different types of social media can be used to assist with your job search, and what you can do to develop your personal brand online. Real world social media/job search examples will be discussed.

Sample Presentations

Select Speaking Experience

Previous and upcoming engagements include:

  • Social Media Camp
  • ConnectIT
  • InboundCon
  • Social Media Week
  • Ryerson Marketing Conference
  • PSEWeb
  • UofT Annual Leadership Conference
  • Pathways to Education – Keynote
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada
  • Seneca Leadership Institute
  • UofT First Generation Conference
  • RU Amped – Keynote
  • Peer Health Continuing Education Day
  • Tri Mentoring Program – Keynote
  • Advancing Learning
  • Inbound Marketing Toronto
  • Live2Lead
  • SATech Toronto
  • Ryerson Marketing Association


“It is very challenging to engage youth that face numerous barriers in accessing Post Secondary education and lack social networks to aid them navigating complex systems such as the labour market and educational institutions. This is some of the core work that we at the Tri-Mentoring program in Ryerson University strive to do. Our work is made more effective by the efforts and contributions of one of our stalwart allies, Mr. Hamza Khan. Hamza is adept at engaging his audience and finding those connect points that will ensure his message becomes personal, relevant and most important, meaningful.  Hamza is also able to adapt to changes in engagement levels in his audience and improvise new channels of presenting his message to ensure that the core concepts of his presentations are received and are recognized as valuable. Thank you Hamza, your work continues to enhance and strengthen the work we do. Your fans and allies at the Tri-Mentoring program.” - Rudhra Persaud, Mentoring Officer, Ryerson University